Sylhet: Sites and People

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Shah Jalal's Dargah or Mazaar

    The final resting place of Hazrat Shah Jalal, who preached Islam in this locality. It is located in the north side of the city, near Amberkhana, in Osmani Airport Road. Besides the Sufi's shrine, there are tanks full of huges catfishes believeded to be hundreds of years of old. There is a huge mosque adjacent to the Dargah (shrine). Many prominent persons are also buried here, including General Mohammand Ataul Ghani Osmani who commanded Liberation Forces during Bangladesh Liberation War against Pakistan in 1971.

Shah Paran's Dargah or Mazaar

    Hazrat Shah Paran was the nephew of Hazrat Shah Jalal who preached Islam in Sylhet. Shah Paran's Mazaar (shrine) is located in the outskirts of Sylhet town, in Major Tilla. Legends says that Shah Paran was very high tempered and would curse people of evil nature and the curse would come true. To save the general people from his wrath, Shah Jalal ordered him out of the city area.

Gaur Gavindha Fort

    Gaur Gavindha was the Hindu king of Sylhet. He imprisoned the only Muslim of Sylhet at that time, Sheikh Burhan Uddin. Shah Jalal came to rescue him with directives from the great Sufi Dervish, Nizam Uddin Awlia. Gaur Gavindha fled when Shah Jalal crossed the Surma river sitting in a Zainamaaz ( prayer rug). Gaur Gavindha's fort is located near M.C. College, in Tilaghar, Sylhet.

Shahi Eidgah

    Built by Mughul Emperor Aurangzeb (Shah Alamgir) in the 17th century. Although it looks like a fort, it is the place for Eid prayers that happens twice a year. It is located north-east of the city, way to M.C. College from north of the city.

M.C. (Murai Chand) University College

    One of the old colleges of the city. It was established by a prominent philanthropist, Murari Chand (M.C.). He also established a high school in the heart of the city in his uncle's name, Raja G.C.(Ghirish Chandra) High School. This is a full honors college and educated scores of prominentnt people of the 20th century.

Ali Amzad's Watch Tower

    This watch tower was established by a rich businessman named Ali Amzad in the early 20th century to help the sailors. It is located near the old King Bridge, in front of Chandi Ghat (main docking station where all passenger/cargo boats used to stop). The watch tower was restored in the early 90s by the city government.

Lakkatura-Malnichara Tea Gardens

    If you are flying to Sylhet Osmani International Airport, you cannot forget the magnificent tea gardens just outskirts of the city. The Malnichara tea gardens are located near the Parajatan Motel and Cadet College. Lokkatura tea garden is located just outside the city, near Choukidiki. There is a beautiful golf club also located opposite the garden.


    Jaintiapur is located about 50 miles north-east of Sylhet city. It used to an old kingdom, and kept its independence from the British for a long time. Ruins of old kingdom can be found in many places. A prominent spot is the palace of the king, Jaintiapur's Rajbari. The kingdom included Khasia and Jaintia Hills and plains of Jaintia.


    Jaflong is a favorite picnic spot, near Shilong Road about 55 km away from Sylhet town. Passage to India is through Tamabil. Tamabil is also a hug trading post.

    Jaflong area includes many beautiful waterfalls and rolling rocks from the hill. It also is the habitat of majority of Khasia tribe in Sylhet. Many of the Khasias work in the tea gardens and involveded in the trade of orange and Paan (beatle nut leafs)

Madhab Kunda

    Madhab Kunda area is another favorite picnic spot. Its magnificent waterfall attracts visitors from around the country. It is located in Habigang.

Haripur Gas Field

    Located near the Jaintiapur's Rajbari, it is one of largest gas field in Sylhet. In 1988, General Ershad's decision to lease it to an American oil company sparkled many protests locally and around the country. Many accused the dictator of bribery for the lease.

Chattack Cement Factory

    Chattak is about 35 km. north-west of Sylhet town, linked by rail, road and river, the seat of Chattack Cement Factory. Chattak is also famous for orange gardens.

Hasan Raja's House

    Hasan Raja came from a prominent Jamindar (feudal kings) family. He used to be very unruly and spent time on women and wine. Later in his life, he realized the vanity of life and transformed himself as a spiritual man. His mysticism can be closely associated with the Sufism in Indian sub-continent. He wrote scores of songs that still are very popular. Rabindranath Tagore praised Hasan Raja in few of his critical literary addresses. The ruins of the Hasan Raja's palace can be seen near Biswanath, a village called Ram Pasha.

Manipuri Dance

    Manipuri tribe is another colorful addition to the population of Sylhet. They are very bright in complexion and little shorter. The women are beautiful and their mastery in Manipuri dance is well known.